The Practice

Juan Carlos Santos GutierrezThe practice was set up by Juan Santos Gutiérrez (1921-2009) and at present is headed by his son Juan Carlos Santos.

Juan  Santos started his professional life in 1945 in Coin. In 1961 he set up the first full time legal practices in Marbella.

Juan Carlos Santos started practicing as a Lawyer in 1985. His solid base is a result firstly of his work in his father’s office, (very well known and established in Marbella), and secondly, by taking part in various congresses and courses on different legal issues and areas of the law. This enables him to act in the various areas dealt with by his practice. The foregoing, together with hands on daily experience provides the extremely high level of professional services required by the discerning clients.

The firm has associates and colleagues in all fields of law, and in related professions.

Verónica García Puertas is the person in charge of the secretarial department.


Juan Carlos SantosOur main aim is to offer personal legal assistance which is adapted to the needs of each client. No time or effort is spared in the pursuit of obtaining the best legal service.  All our clients are guaranteed the same level of interest, care and expertise.